Winterizing your RV Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheel

posted by American RV Center Internet Department @ 2:32pm, Friday 30 December 2011.

Proper winterizing is important for the life and longevity of your RV. Whether it is a motorhome, travel trailer, fifth wheel, or popup, it's a necessary service that will help ensure years of trouble-free camping. Check out our YouTube Channel for this and other videos in our how-to series.

Winterizing Checklist:
Step 1. Locate the fresh water tank drain valve or plug & drain the water.
Step 2. Locate the water heater drain plug and remove it to drain the water heater tank.
Step 3. Bypass the water heater.
Step 4. Locate the water pump, disconnect the inlet fitting, install the winterizing hose and insert the other end into the jug of antifreeze.
Step 5. Turn on the water pump and open the taps, one by one until the antifreeze appears. Do the hot and cold taps at every sink or shower faucet Ö donít forget the toilet or the outside shower if you have one!
Step 6. IMPORTANT! - Make sure to relieve the water system pressure before proceeding! Turn off the water pump and de-pressurize the system by opening a cold water tap. At the city water connection, pry out the screen and washer, and press in on the valve stem until the antifreeze runs out.
Step 7. Pour about a cupful of antifreeze into every drain to displace the water and protect the trap. Finally, dump the holding tanks and pour a pint or so of antifreeze directly through the toilet and the shower drain to protect the dump valves. Thatís it!

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