Rental FAQ's

Rental Pickup Date:

When can I pick up my rental camper or motorhome?  We will call you the week of your rental to schedule a pickup time. Pick ups are between 1-4:30 Monday – Friday.

What can I expect at my schedule pick up time – Please arrive at your schedule time as we will often have many rental campers leaving on the same day. We will provide you with an orientation on how to operate the various systems on the camper (30 minutes – 1 hour). If it is a travel trailer we will also make sure you know how to hook up properly to your tow vehicle.

The balance will be collected. This will be the rental total, plus taxes and security deposit minus the reservation fee you placed at time of booking. Payments can be made by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Cash or Cashier’s check. We cannot accept checks within 14 days of pickup date.

Please bring your driver’s license, credit card, and insurance card with you to pick up time.

Can I leave a vehicle on your lot- If you are renting a motorhome you most certainly can leave a car in our parking lot.

Drop off of rental camper:

When do I need to return the rental camper:  Rentals are due back on our lot by 11 am on rental end date. Please come in and let the front desk know you are returning. Someone will come and inspect for exterior damage before you leave. Please keep in mind that there may be someone eagerly waiting to pick up the camper you are returning for their vacation. Rentals that are returned after 11 am will be subject to a $25/hour late fee.

What needs to be done before returning my rental: On rentals with holding tanks the tanks need to be completely dumped. If you do not wish to dump the holding tanks we will provide the service for $30.

The inside of the camper will need to be cleaned.

If you have a lot of bugs splattered on the exterior of your rental, the Blue beacon on Hwy 41 (4 miles north of our lot) can wash trailers and motorhome exteriors to avoid having cleaning fees taken out of your cleaning deposit. Their rates can be found here:

Motorhomes will need to have the gas tank filled back to the full level. If we need to fill the gas tank it will be current gas price per gallon plus a $20 surcharge.

Propane tanks on motorhome and trailer will be refilled at current market price for propane per gallon.

How quick will my security deposit be returned? We will apply a refund back to your credit card within a couple of days of your return provided there is not damage to the rental. Once we put a refund on your card it often takes the banks 7-14 business days to process the refund and to have it show up on your account.

Miscellaneous questions:

Do rvs have stabilizer jacks? Our motorhomes do not have stabilizer jacks. Please plan accordingly when booking a site. Trailers will have stabilizers, but you will still need to level the camper.

Why would I need the generator on the motorhome? The generator on a motorhome will take place of having an electrical connection at a campsite for your a/c, television, DVD, electrical outlets and microwave. If you are traveling you will need the generator to run the roof a/c in warm weather. The lights, refrigerator, water system will still be functional without the generator on, provided the battery is charged.  The battery will charge from driving the motorhome or running the generator. Generator cost is $2/hour.

What will the rental motorhome/camper come with? We will provide the power cord to go from the camper to the electrical outlet. There will be a water hose in your rental as well as a sewer hose if there are holding tanks. We will also have a 30-15 adapter to plug into a household outlet (This will not provide you with enough power to run the Air Conditioner!!!). All the rentals are 30-amp campers so make sure you know what hook up will be available at your campsite. If they only have 50 amp available, we do have a limited amount of 50-30 amp adapters for use.

We do not supply linens, cookware, cleaning products etc…

Do I need a special license to pull a trailer or drive a motorhome? No special license is needed. A state driver’s license will be all you need. All drivers will need to be 25 year of age or older.

Are your campers and motorhomes non-smoking? Yes, all rentals are non-smoking. If there is a smoke odor or evidence of smoking is left behind the renter will be charged accordingly for smoke odor treatments.

Are pets allowed in your rental campers or motorhomes? We love our pets but we also realize not everyone shares those feeling and some people are even allergic to dogs or cats. So, for that reason we do not allow pets in our rental campers or motorhomes.

Cancellation policy - If you cancel your reservation your reservation fee of $250 for travel trailers or motorhomes will be held for one year. This fee can be used towards a rental of another camper or motorhome in that one-year time period.



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