How To Set-up a Folding Camper

Pop-Up Camper Setup Instructions

  1. Level the camper side-to-side, then front-to-back.
  2. Extend stabilizer jacks, if equipped. It's handy to have some extra leveling blocks or wood scraps to place under jacks to give them a firm footing.
  3. Unlatch the straps that lock the roof to the body.There is one on each corner.
  4. Plug in the Air Conditioner power cord, if installed on the outside.
  5. Retrieve the crank handle and crank the popup until it is fully raised. The green tension cable on the door side front will become tight when the unit is fully raised. Some models do not have a tension cable and will stop automatically.
  6. Pull out the bed ends and install the tubular steelbed support braces under the bed frame.
  7. Install the safety supports to opposite corner roof supports (Rockwood, Jayco, Dutchmen).
  8. Set the entry door in place, lock it into its frame, and attach the tent material around the door frame with the built-in Velcro or J-channel.
  9. Attach the tent to the bed ends. There is Velcro attachment or snaps along the sides aswell as bungee cords for extra strength.
  10. Flip up the sink/stove into its useable position.
  11. Attach the bed-end tent support poles, or on the inside of each bed end. They should be snug, but not have to be forced into place. There is an adjustment on each pole to vary the length and tension.
  12. Plug in the electrical supply cord to the campground electric.
  13. Attach water and drain hoses.
  14. You are now ready to camp!
  15. When you are ready to leave, simply follow this checklist in reverse.

Norcold Refrigerator Instructions(3-Way Power Models)

  1. The control panel is located behind the louvered cover on the off-door side of the camper. Select which of the three power sources you will use. You may only use one at a time!
    1. 12V This is 12 volt direct current (battery power).This is the least efficient of the three power sources. Turn the red 12V switch on and adjust temperature with the numbered dial. The higher the number, the colder the setting.
    2. 120V This is 120 volt alternating current (household line power). Turn green switch on and adjust temperature with numbered dial.(same adjustment as 12V DC)
    3. GAS/LP This setting is for using your propane. Make sure LP bottle is on. Turn off electric switches. Turn dial to MED or HI, push dial down while lighting, and push the igniter until a flame is visible through port on bottom of burner housing(cylindrical sheet metal enclosure).
  2. Depending on the power source selected, allow up to 6-8 hours for the fridge to completely cool down. I've found it's best to turn it on the evening before you leave.
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